Vertica User Management

Create testuser with read-only access to testtable in testschema.
CREATE USER testuser IDENTIFIED BY 'password123';
GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA testschema TO testuser;
GRANT SELECT ON testschema.testtable TO testuser;

NetworkManager: Disable Sending Hostname to DHCP Server

Edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf file to contain the following default settings for new connections:
Disable sending hostname to DHCP server for already existing connections:
nmcli -t -f uuid connection | while read uuid; do
 nmcli connection modify $uuid \
 ipv4.dhcp-send-hostname false \
 ipv6.dhcp-send-hostname false
Restart NetworkManager to apply the settings:
systemctl restart NetworkManager

Perl UDP Daemon

A simple UDP daemon listening on UDP/162 port.

MPV Restore Playback

Configure MPV to remember playback position when closing its window so that the playback can be resumed automatically when the video is watched the next time:
echo 'CLOSE_WIN quit_watch_later' >> ~/.config/mpv/input.conf